There are many different ways you can show your support and help us fight to find a cure for ataxia.

  1. If you’re interested in Joining Our Support Group please visit our Meetings Calendar for 2018.
  2. For information about the upcoming Walk n’ Roll 2018 event, please see Walk n’ Roll sections below, and click here to see the event’s calendar information.
  3. Join us this year at the 61st NAF Annual Ataxia Conference!
  4. There’s even a Celebrity Race for a Cure being held at the Irwindale Event Center Speedway this year!

To view all events in the coming year, please visit our calendar.

What is Walk n’ Roll for Ataxia?

The Walk n’ Roll for Ataxia program is the National Ataxia Foundation’s largest national grassroots fundraising event held in recognition of International Ataxia Awareness Day (IAAD). Walk n’ Roll, which began in 2007, is held in cities across the U.S. Walk n’ Roll for Ataxia has raised more than $1,200,000 thanks to the support and tireless commitment from walkers, rollers, runners, volunteers, donors, and sponsors.

To view more information and see last year’s event visit the NAF’s Orange County event page.

For information and dates for all Walk n’ Roll events, visit the NAF’s Walk n’ Roll event page directly.

Why Walk or Roll?

Thousands of families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and communities come together each year to support NAF’s fight to improve the lives of people and their families affected by ataxia.

How Can I Participate?

For more information, or to start a Walk n’ Roll in your community, please contact Cindy DeMint, Ambassador and Walk n’ Roll Organizer for the Orange County Ataxia Chapter, at events@brothersonaquest.org.